Why Vintage?

Because I don’t want to look like everyone else! When I grab something vintage from the back of my closet there is no chance of running into anyone else wearing it. Unlike the Gap/Target/H&M sweater everyone else is wearing this season. AND next year it will still be unique while that sweater yells LAST SEASON.

While chain stores have plenty of styles cheap, that’s exactly what they are—cheap. I can’t stand tissue thin tee shirts that require a camisole underneath. Stretchy jeans that are thin and stretch out of shape 5 minutes after you put them on. Clothes that look brand new that shrink and fade the very first time you wash them.   When you buy Vintage , what you see is what you get. It’s not going to shrink or fade and it’s quality is already time-tested.

Vintage isn’t easy. You have to hunt for it. You may have to alter it or mend it. But you will love it more for the chase (and the compliments)!

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